Pact tools

Points of contacts act as ambassadors for the energy transition within the businesses, associations and institutions that have signed up to the National Pact, and so the MTE has developed a series of tools to help them communicate and track their organisations’ energy transition commitments.


Team email: A template you can use to email your teams about joining the Pact

Awareness presentation: A PowerPoint presentation template to help raise teams’ awareness about the energy transition in Monaco and inform them about the organisation’s commitments under the Pact. This presentation is only a starting point, and should be adapted by each signatory organisation depending on its specific features and the commitments it has made.


Commitment tracking

The use of these tools is not mandatory for Pact signatories, but is recommended for organisations that do not yet have a tool for managing their environmental actions or an indicator dashboard. Signatories that have already obtained an environmental certification, such as ISO 14001, or Green Globe for hotels, will not therefore need to use them.

Action plan: An Excel spreadsheet into which you input your commitments under the Pact and any other environmental commitments to help you track progress: assign a lead for each action and a potential budget, note progress, record performance indicators, etc.

 Indicator dashboard: An Excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter performance data on the three key themes of Monaco’s energy transition: transport, energy and waste. You can also use this dashboard to:

-          Bring together in one place the incoming data from the greenhouse gas emissions calculator ;

-          Monitor your progress against these indicators over the years.

These two tools are set to be replaced by an online platform which will be available in the near future.

If you have any questions about the National Energy Transition Pact, please email:

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