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National Energy Transition Pact

The Mission for Energy Transition is launching a new commitment, support and tracking tool for signatories: the Pact Carbon Coach .

With this tool, you can:

  • sign up to the National Pact more quickly and easily
  • register for events relating to the energy transition in the Principality
  • stay up to date with the latest news, best practices and actions of the month
  • take part in energy transition challenges

To support signatories in their efforts, a detailed estimate of their greenhouse gas emissions will be proposed. Together with tailored eco-action guidance, this estimate will help users to understand and calculate the amount of carbon emissions avoided for every action they take. 

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the Principality can sign up to the National Energy Transition Pact.

 In the process of producing the Energy Transition White Paper, the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) noted huge motivation among Monegasque stakeholders to take action to reduce the Principality’s greenhouse gas emissions. And so, in line with the wishes of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, in January 2018, the MTE created the National Energy Transition Pact to mobilise residents, workers, students, businesses, institutions and associations in Monaco.

What is the National Pact?


The National Pact is a tool for progress. It enables everyone (residents, workers, businesses, institutions, associations, etc.) to contribute to the Principality’s energy transition through their own actions.

It comprises a clear, simple Commitment Charter that brings together all stakeholders and lays out the three key priorities for the energy transition : transport, waste and energy. It is broken down into annual action plans indicating what, specifically, each person or organisation who has signed up will do to contribute to the energy transition, and highlighting the greenhouse gas emissions thus prevented.

By signing the Pact, individuals and organisations are committing to making a specific contribution to reducing Monaco’s greenhouse gas emissions alongside the Prince’s Government.

There are three steps involved in signing up to the Pact:

 1) Sign the Commitment Charter, which is the same for everyone who signs up and lays out the three key priorities of the energy transition: transport, waste and energy.

2) Choose from among the MTE’s suggestions the energy transition actions you have already undertaken or that you will implement in the year following your signature of the Pact. Businesses choose these actions from within the most appropriate action plan for their sector.

3) If you wish, calculate your simplified greenhouse gas emissions using the free tool made available by the MTE on the Pact Carbon Coach website. Please note: Businesses, institutions and associations must calculate greenhouse gas emissions in order to sign up to the Pact.

Businesses, institutions and associations must also designate a point of contact who will coordinate their energy transition commitments and be the main link with the MTE.

Can I commit to other actions which are not included in the Pact?

Of course! You can send them to us during the annual review or inform us by emailing pnte@gouv.mc

 What happens after I’ve signed up?

 Pact signatories receive the MTE’s quarterly newsletter and are invited to our themed workshops and annual event. The workshops are designed to offer signatories training in various issues relating to the energy transition and to facilitate the sharing of best practices between individuals or organisations.

At the beginning of each year, an online survey is carried out among signatories to find out how they are getting on and learn about the successes they’ve achieved and the challenges they are facing with their commitments.

Signatories also receive new ideas for action every year which they can include in their commitments under the Pact.

How many people and organisations have signed up to the Pact so far?

 As of January 2021:

Approximately 1,600 individuals

150 businesses, institutions and associations

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