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The Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens de Monaco (BD2M) initiative

On 23 October 2018, the Prince’s Government launched the Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens de Monaco (Sustainable Mediterranean Buildings of Monaco, BD2M) initiative in partnership with EnvirobatBDM.

The BD2M guidelines developed with stakeholders in Monaco’s construction industry were presented on 26 September 2019.

This initiative applies to all public construction and renovation projects.

This ‘bespoke’ sustainable construction initiative, based on sharing skills and experience and an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting approach, has been fully adapted to the specific circumstances of Monaco. It is a long-term project based on collective intelligence that has resulted in the pooling of expertise and goals in the field of sustainable construction in Monaco. It would have been impossible to create BD2M without all of the stakeholders who were involved, and the initiative meets the expectations of users because it was defined by and for them.

It is a voluntary initiative which is entirely consistent with the Mediterranean climate, and helps to promote best practices such as reducing the impact of materials and water/energy consumption or bioclimatic design to ensure a healthy and comfortable space for occupants, while also taking account of environmental, social and economic challenges.

The 7 aspects of BD2M


BD2M support begins before the start of a construction or renovation project, at the initial design phase, and continues through implementation until two years after the building is delivered.

In addition to assessment as a means of encouraging emulation on environmental aspects of projects, the initiative offers opportunities for sharing experience: best practices and innovative solutions are shared to provide added value for the entire construction industry, including property developers, construction teams and maintenance firms.

Finally, as its name suggests, BD2M has been fully adapted to suit the Monegasque context. It is a national initiative.

The key words of the initiative include : Coach, Commission, Participatory Assessment, Scoring, Pre-requisite, etc. To learn more about the principles, specific features and processes involved in BD2M, see :

 Presentation of the BD2M initiative

The initiative is inspired by and benefits from the experience of the BDM initiative launched by Envirobat BDM in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region in 2009. In the South of France, more than 500 buildings have been supported, assessed and improved through the sharing of expertise and skills from across the construction industry.

Find out more about BDM

In pictures : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1rrvQhGnm8

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