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Solar energy: panels on our roofs

Let’s start with the best known, solar energy. In Monaco, it is possible to capture the energy of the sun in two ways: using photovoltaic panels, which transform sunlight into electricity, and with thermal panels, which use the energy produced by the sun’s rays to heat water.

It is primarily photovoltaic panels that are found on building roofs in Monaco. Many of the country’s schools, such as Ecole du Parc and the Vocational and Catering School, are equipped with such panels, for example. They are also to be found on some residential buildings, such as Hélios and Jardins d’Apolline, and on office buildings like the SBM Offshore building in Fontvieille. All of these panels generate electricity which is consumed by the building to meet its energy needs for things like lighting.

There are also solar thermal panels on the outside of the Ecole St Charles building. These heat the water for the swimming pool. The Annonciade complex was fitted out with thermal panels in 2008 to heat and maintain the temperature of the water in the swimming pool.

Since 2008, the Government has offered grants for the installation of photovoltaic and thermal panels : click here

In parallel, the Government also published an online solar resource map in June 2017. This can be accessed by any internet user and provides information on the photovoltaic production capacity of every roof in Monaco  (www.cadastresolaire.mc ).

Thanks to our favourable weather, solar energy is one of the most promising renewables in Monaco, so it is vital that we take advantage of it !


If you are interested in building a photovoltaic facility in Monaco, we suggest that you download the document setting out the procedures and steps to follow, as well as details of the regulatory context :


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