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Conference: “Putting the Brakes on Fast Fashion”


As part of Monaco Fashion Week which this year celebrated its tenth anniversary, the MTE organised a special conference on Wednesday 17 May entitled “Putting the Brakes on Fast Fashion: Our Shared Responsibility”, aimed at National Pact signatories.

Created in collaboration with the Monaco Chamber of Fashion, the event sought to get people thinking about the consequences of fast fashion. Two speakers gave their thoughts on the issue: Paule Magnier, Project Coordinator at Zero Waste Marseille, who redefined fast fashion and suggested ways to combat it, and our own National Pact Ambassador, Inès Bensalah, a Monegasque fashion designer who has made ecology central to her approach.

Discussions focused on the need for more donations and collections, circularity, repairs, personalisation, ethical purchases, recycling, and more. Alternatives that highlight the importance of this issue today, and the momentum that is gradually and naturally building in efforts to tackle the problem.

Also in attendance and answering questions from the audience were Alyssia Ballerio, founder and manager of Monaco’s number one second-hand brand; Béatrice Castelain, manager of the eveningwear label Organza, which now offers upcycled models and rental outfits for a more environmentally friendly approach; Elise Nicoletta, an artist from Pavillon Bosio and a keen upcycler; Serena Benedetti-Roy, a designer for Akimba who strives to protect the environment by creating items that generate the least pollution possible; Alexis Gianotti, a local eco-responsible creator; and Philippe Giuffra, head of environmental action for the Monaco Red Cross. 


For more on this theme, see this review of the 2022 Sustainable Fashion event here .


Fast fashion is criticised for its numerous social and environmental impacts. It refers to the trend that sees brands manufacture clothes very quickly, very often, and very cheaply (releasing up to 36 collections a year, compared with just four for a traditional fashion brand).

Zero Waste France: Created in 1997 under the name “Cniid”, Zero Waste France (https://www.zerowastefrance.org/ ) is an independent non-profit organisation that works to promote waste reduction and better management of resources. It targets all audiences, including citizens, politicians, businesses, professionals, etc.

Key figures: 

  • Every year, 100 billion items of clothing are sold around the world, and 1.7 million tonnes of chemicals are used to dye them.
  • Every year, a person throws away around 12 kg of clothes, 64% of which could still be worn and used.
  • Every day, in France, 1 million parcels are delivered.
  • To make just one pair of jeans, it takes between 7,000 and 10,000 litres of water - the equivalent of 285 showers.

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