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A New Online Service for Requesting a Subsidy for Buying an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Vehicule hybride electrique

Since 1994, the Government has been promoting the use of electric and hybrid electric-petrol vehicles in the Principality, in particular by granting a purchase subsidy. This has enabled the fleet of ecological vehicles to continue to grow steadily; since the end of 2019, electric vehicles have increased by 18% and hybrid vehicles by 16%.

With 3,205 electric and hybrid vehicles registered, the Principality currently has a fleet of vehicles comprised of 6.80% environmentally friendly vehicles.

In order to continue these environmental efforts, the Department of the Environment wished to make the procedures more user-friendly by introducing an online service, which would also conserve paper resources. This service enables users to request a subsidy from home for the purchase of an electric or hybrid electric-petrol vehicle with CO2 emissions of 110 g/km or less.

This online procedure, which is accessible via the link https://teleservice.gouv.mc/subvention-vehicule-ecologique/?international=en , has the advantage of speeding up the processing of applications and informing users of the progress of their application when they log on to the website of the Prince's Government with their ID.

As a reminder, for four-wheeled vehicles that emit less than 21 g/km of CO2, the subsidy amounts to 30% of the basic price of the vehicle, including tax and excluding optional extras, with a ceiling of EUR 10,000.

As concerns hybrid vehicles, these benefit from a flat-rate bonus amounting to EUR 6,000 for vehicles emitting between 21 and 50 g/km of CO2, EUR 5,000 for those emitting between 51 and 60 g/km of CO2 and EUR 3,000 for vehicles emitting between 61 and 110 g/km of CO2.

In addition, to encourage taxi drivers and chauffeur-driven vehicle companies to acquire more environmentally friendly vehicles for the operation of their business, these may benefit from a further flat-rate subsidy of EUR 3,000, in addition to the subsidy outlined above.

Furthermore, for unregistered electrically assisted bicycles with a power of up to 250 W, whose owners reside in the Principality, a subsidy of 30% of the purchase price (including tax) of the vehicle, excluding optional extras, will be granted, up to a maximum of EUR 400.

Registered electrically assisted bicycles with a power greater than 250 W benefit from the purchase subsidy allocated to electric two-wheeled vehicles, tricycles and quadricycles, which amounts to 30% of the basic price of the vehicle including tax, up to a maximum of EUR 3,000. For hybrid two-wheeled vehicles that emit a maximum of 45 g/km of CO2, the bonus is EUR 800.

For vehicles that are eligible for VAT recovery, the purchase subsidy is calculated according to the basic price excluding tax.

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