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Principality’s National Energy Transition Pact launched

S.A.S. le Prince Souverain signe la première charte d'engagement du Pacte National pour la transition énergétique

Crédit photo : © Gaetan Luci / Palais Princier

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince signs first commitment charter under National Energy Transition Pact

Supported by the Energy Transition Mission team, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development Marie-Pierre Gramaglia today gave a press conference during which she presented the Principality’s new National Energy Transition Pact, an initiative advocated by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince.

The National Pact is a tool which supports progress. It comprises a simple commitment charter and action plans for various sectors of the economy, allowing everyone to contribute, in their own way, to Monaco’s energy transition, the goals of which are clear: reduce greenhouse gas emissions, take action to promote energy savings in the Principality, and increase local power generation from renewable sources.

A simple educational aid in the form of a carbon calculator, which has been adapted to suit Monaco and the variety of individuals and businesses signing up to the Pact, can be used to estimate household carbon emissions.

The National Pact follows directly from the Paris Agreement. It is a further specific action that has been taken by the Prince’s Government to meet its energy transition goals, following the publication of the Energy Transition White Paper (March 2017), the launch of the Principality’s solar resource map (June 2017) and the establishment of a joint Government/SMEG company enabling the purchase of power stations which use renewable energy sources (June 2017).

You can keep up with developments via social media and Monaco Info.

All the information you need is available in the attachment and on the Energy Transition Mission website: transition-energetique.gouv.mc


S.A.S. le Prince Souverain signe la première charte d'engagement du Pacte National pour la transition énergétique

Crédit photo : © Gaetan Luci / Palais Princier

Tous les membres du Gouvernement Princier ont signé leur charte d'engagement du Pacte National

Crédit photo : © Charly Gallo / Direction de la Communication

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