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Monegasque businesses are taking action!


In the Principality, while this option is already offered by several shops in response to demand from some customers , Carrefour Monaco has made the initiative official as part of Action 13 of the mass retailer’s national Act for Food programme.


The initiative applies to products from assisted sales counters – including the fish, meat, deli, cheese and bakery counters – which can all be sold in these containers. Once the product has been weighed, a label is attached across the container and lid. It should be noted, however, that fruit and vegetables, as well as other self-service (loose) products are not currently included in the “Bring your own container” initiative.


Following Carrefour Monaco’s example, Solis Bio allows its customers to bring their own containers, which they can fill in its self-service (loose) produce section.


Other Monegasque businesses are also getting involved in this effort to reduce waste and allow customers to bring their own containers. Eat Juice, for example, offers Buddha bowls (an all-in-one dish combining vegetables, grains, pulses, and oilseeds in a single container) in glass jars. The restaurant has introduced its own deposit scheme, offering all customers an “eco-friendly discount” of €1 on their next salad in exchange for simply returning their previous glass container. Eat Juice also sells bento boxes and bottles of juice, among other options, but it does not insist that customers use its containers – anyone can bring in their own and still benefit from the same “eco-friendly discount”.


Although they haven’t yet introduced any incentives as such, Ici Salad , WOO Monaco and Salad’In are all happy for customers to bring in their own containers.



Some shops have not yet been forthcoming on this issue and are not officially supporting the initiative. Don’t be afraid to ask them for more information and get them involved!

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