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“Monaco is investing in solar”

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia Conseiller de Gouvernement-Ministre de l’Equipement, de l’Environnement et de l’Urbanisme Photos ©Charly Gallo - Direction de la Communication

During a press conference held late in the morning on Thursday 29 June, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, presented two aspects of Monaco’s investment in solar power: a solar resource map for the Principality and the launch of a joint venture by the Prince’s Government and SMEG to enable the purchase of electric power plants operating on renewable energy. These are the first two concrete actions taken by the Prince’s Government in pursuit of the objectives for the Principality’s energy transition:

  • v  To reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • v  To promote energy efficiency in Monaco
  • v  To increase local production of renewable energy

Accompanied by the Mission for Energy Transition team, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia first presented the Principality’s solar resource map. This interactive map, which is available at www.cadastresolaire.mc , identifies, for each roof, the potential solar resource, the exploitable area where solar panels can be installed, and annual production. Regarding this innovative tool, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia said: “it will offer owners, building managers and individuals the ability to view at a glance the data they need to decide whether to install solar panels on the roof of their building.”

The second aspect of the presentation focused on the establishment of a Government/SMEG company. The aim is to invest in renewable electricity production assets outside Monaco.
 The Minister emphasised: “The reason we are seeking to develop or purchase green power stations abroad, primarily in France for the time being, is to increase the share of green electricity we import and to safeguard, over the long term, the cost of supplying electricity for the Principality.” Thomas Battaglione, Director and CEO of SMEG, noted: “ Monaco will contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions of the countries in which the assets are located, and will in parallel be able to control over the long term its own supply costs and thus the price charged to Monegasque customers (...). We have already identified the first asset we intend to acquire: a photovoltaic power station located in Var which has average production of around 5GWh/year.” 

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia concluded the presentation by stressing: “these two actions that we have presented set an example. They demonstrate the determination of the Prince’s Government to meet the targets set by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince.”

Photos : ©Charly Gallo - Direction de la Communication

For more information, contact:

Mission for Energy Transition: transition-energetique@gouv.mc

Press contacts:

Arielle Barrabino – Prince’s Government 


Laurence Garbatini -  SMEG



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