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Launch of National Pact Ambassadors programme

3-Lancement du nouveau programme Ambassadeur

Nine months after the appointment of the first ten Ambassadors, the Mission for Energy Transition welcomed 16 new National Pact Ambassadors at an event held on Tuesday 22 June at Stars’n’Bars. 


The role of a Pact Ambassador is to embody the National Pact for their friends and family and for their community, with active support from the Mission for Energy Transition, which provides and coordinates training sessions, mobilisation workshops and follow-up. Ambassadors become “spokespeople” for the Principality’s energy transition challenges.


This significant day included two highlights:


Presentation of a programme for taking action 


To equip our new Ambassadors with the resources they need to accomplish their mission to the fullest, a support programme has been designed and was presented during the event. This featured:


  • A presentation about the changes to the Pact Carbon Coach, which now includes a new dedicated space for the Pact Ambassador programme. This tool means that any Pact signatory can now apply to become an Ambassador and share the Mission for Energy Transition’s messages.


  • Four roundtables in which the new Ambassadors were able to take part. The aim of these workshops was to offer participants quickly actionable options that will help them put in place actions to promote the National Pact. Four themes were covered: 


  • Creating events to promote the Pact, presented by Sébastien Uscher 
  • How to counter “Yes, but...” objections, led by Julien Vidal 
  • Promoting the Pact via social media, led by Laurie Giacobi 
  • Presentation of the dedicated space for each Ambassador on the Carbon Coach website and available promotion tools (visuals, message templates, etc.), presented by the Mission for Energy Transition team

Public conference led by Julien Vidal


The audience was then invited by Julien Vidal to participate in a dynamic debate aimed at helping the future spokespeople to develop and deliver their messages. Responding to the Mission for Energy Transition’s invite for the third time since 2019, Julien Vidal led a discussion around questions such as: 


  • Can we change things alone? 
  • How can we get around excuses for doing nothing? 
  • How do we counter popular misconceptions and misguided ideas? How can we break down prejudices? 


Julien Vidal’s pragmatic and inspiring approach made this event a huge success. 


Using these lessons and the available tools, and boosted by the inspiration from Julien Vidal, several Ambassadors took their first actions the very same day! 


If you’d like to become an Ambassador too, go to the My Account tab on the Carbon Coach website!

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