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Drought action plan: “warning level” measures yield positive results

Consommations d'eau à Monaco ©DR

Since the publication of the Ministerial Decree on drought conditions and the implementation of the “warning level” on 12 May, the Government has observed the effectiveness of measures and commends the efforts of the population, which are clearly visible in initial comparisons of water consumption.

Since May, on average, water consumption decreased by 6% (and by nearly 10% in a single week, from 3–9 July) compared to 2022. To date, over 60,000 cubic metres of water have been ‘saved’ since the Ministerial Decree came into effect.

This decrease is all the more impressive given that prior to the launch of the warning level, weekly water consumption in the first half of 2023 had increased 2% from the previous year.

In comparison to pre COVID-19 figures, the real effects of these measures are more pronounced, yielding a 13% drop in water consumption between 12 May and 9 July.

Sporadic rainfall has prevented the replenishment of groundwater resources, which remain in short supply and make it essential to continue collective efforts to conserve water.

Given the current warning level, the Prince’s Government asks all businesses and communities to use water carefully and adopt good habits.

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