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Consigne de Provence comes to Monaco thanks to Responsible Trader

Valérie Davenet, Directrice de l’Environnement, à l’inauguration de la Consigne de Provence ©Direction de la Communication-Manuel Vitali

Following the Prince’s Government’s launch, in June, of the MaConsigne initiative, which aims to reduce the waste produced by takeaway food, the network of Responsible Traders is now taking up the baton, with a first shop, Solis Bio, offering returnable glass bottles for a selection of regionally produced fruit juices, wines and olive oils.

On Friday 30 September 2022, Valérie Davenet, Director of the Department of the Environment, attended the launch of Consigne de Provence at Solis Bio.

The Department of the Environment has been promoting the Responsible Trader and Responsible Restaurant certifications in the Principality for six years now, in conjunction with partner Ecoscience Provence, which also runs the Consigne de Provence initiative, encouraging the reuse of glass packaging in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d’Azur region.

©Direction de la Communication – Manuel Vitali

Now available to all businesses interested in adopting the approach, Consigne de Provence is helping to change the practices of producers making wines, beers, fruit juices and olive oils, by coordinating and developing a reuse chain so that returnable bottles can be employed.

Consigne de Provence guarantees high-quality washing, a service which has been entrusted to a provider based in Drôme. There are plans to establish a bottle washing centre in Provence in 2025, once sufficient volumes are in use in the region. Consigne de Provence is also responsible for the communications required to ensure that customers are aware that the bottles are returnable.

Continuing its efforts as a Responsible Trader, Solis Bio is the first business in the Principality to distribute the returnable bottles.

The collection point for the glass bottles has been installed near the shop, next to the MaConsigne collection point.

The Responsible Trader® and Responsible Restaurant® schemes were first launched in the Principality in 2017 by the Department of the Environment and Ecoscience Provence. For more information, see: https://en.service-public-entreprises.gouv.mc/Networks-and-publications/Labels-and-certifications/Responsible-trading/How-to-obtain-the-Responsible-Restaurant-certification  

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