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100th professional signature of National Energy Transition Pact

100ème signataire

The National Energy Transition Pact has officially passed 100 signatures by businesses and professional organisations!

It was the signature of Monaco’s Military Force that enabled the Pact to hit this new level, a signature which commits the Fire and Emergency Service and the Palace Guards to pursuing specific actions to support the energy transition in response to the climate emergency.


In signing up to the National Pact, the Military Force is committing to reducing the number of plastic bottles it uses – these will soon be replaced in offices with water fountains and flasks – and to introducing training in eco-friendly driving practices for internal combustion vehicles. Each service has also appointed an “energy lead”, who will be responsible for monitoring energy consumption in buildings. Finally, a number of Mission for Energy Transition awareness workshops are planned throughout the year to support these changes and the adoption of new habits.


About the National Energy Transition Pact


Created in January 2018 to mobilise residents, workers, students, businesses, institutions and associations in Monaco, the National Pact is a tool for progress that comprises a simple commitment charter and sectoral plans. The goal is to enable everyone to contribute, in their own way, to Monaco’s energy transition. With a focus on transport, waste management and energy, its aims are:


·           To reduce greenhouse gas emissions

·           To promote energy savings in Monaco

·           To increase local production of renewable energy


The National Pact now has nearly 1,200 signatories, with 100 businesses and organisations taking part, representing more than a quarter of employees in Monaco.


Whether you’re an individual or acting on behalf of a business or organisation,  click here to get involved in the movement and make a commitment alongside the Prince’s Government.

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