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Car sharing in Monaco with:

  Monaco’s car sharing scheme is based on Klaxit, the number one French home-to-work car sharing app, and a partnership with businesses in the Principality (all of which have signed up to the National Energy Transition Pact).

The aim of this partnership is to establish a critical mass of users that will create a virtuous circle: the more car sharers there are, the easier it is to car share!

 But car sharing isn’t just for employees of partner businesses in the Principality.

 Anyone making a journey which starts or ends in Monaco can take advantage of the following services:

  • Free to use for passengers, regardless of the distance;
  • Government funding for journeys: drivers are remunerated at a rate of 10 centimes per kilometre, with a guaranteed minimum of €1.50 per journey per passenger (from 2 kilometres) and a maximum of €3.00 for each journey over 30 kilometres;
  • A guaranteed return journey (reimbursed taxi fare up to €50) for passengers if they are ever left in a position where the planned driver can no longer take them;
  • Optimisation of car sharing journeys: use of an algorithm to pair drivers and passengers, selection of meeting/drop-off points (hubs), adaptation to cover unplanned journeys with an ‘immediate departures’ option;
  • A marketplace within the app offers car sharers rewards in the form of discounts from affiliated partners;
  • App personalised to match colours and use in the Principality.
  • Since the app was launched, 132,000 journeys have been financed, with a total of 3.2 million kilometres travelled and 360 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented!


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