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Under the authority of Céline Caron-Dagioni, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, self-service charging points in the public car parks and on the streets of the Principality are being replaced by electric charging stations which incorporate several points offering quicker and more powerful charging. The Monaco On network is making the charging of electric vehicles ever more efficient, accessible and available for as many people as possible. 

Eco-friendly vehicles which do not produce any noise, pollution or greenhouse gases are particularly well-suited to urban areas like the Principality. They will account for more than 20% of registered vehicles. With this in mind, the Prince’s Government is continuing to expand the network of Monaco On charging points, which have been available for 3 years and remain free.

Every Monegasque resident is now less than 200 metres from a free public charging point. The network is becoming stronger, and the new charging points have been installed close to shops, in very busy areas and in districts which have been underserved until now. It’s an effective approach when you consider that one on-street charging point can be used for up to 16 charges a day.

In addition, the Public Car Parks Office has already equipped 17 facilities, where the excellent turnover rate of the nearly 300 charging points illustrates their success.

Monaco On : about 170 000 charges in 2022.

 To make things easier for users, the Your Monaco website shows the availability of charging points (in car parks and on the street) in real time.

Finally, it’s important to remember that users need to be considerate when using these facilities. This means vacating the space once the battery has been sufficiently charged, to avoid monopolising the charging points.

Spaces dedicated for charging electric vehicles should not be viewed as parking spaces. The aim of achieving the best turnover rate on the charging points must be pursued with support from everyone.

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Since 1994, the Prince’s Government has followed a policy that strongly incentivises a switch to electric vehicles (subsidies to help purchase such vehicles, free charging, a reduction on the cost of public car park season tickets, free on-street parking and a free annual vehicle registration sticker, the right infrastructure, etc.).

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