National Pact: 2020 review


The National Energy Transition Pact, which was created in January 2018, now has more than 1,500 signatories. Comprising both businesses and individuals, these signatories have decided to take action, at a level appropriate to them, to reduce their impact on the environment. 


Who are they? What do they do? What actions are they taking and what impact are they having? 


To increase visibility and transparency, the Mission for Energy Transition carried out a survey last year. The survey considered businesses and individuals who have signed the Pact separately, producing two different summaries, one for each group. The main aim of these reviews is to assess the progress made by business and individual signatories at least one year after they signed up to the Pact. The survey analysed the three main areas for action: waste, energy and transport.


The results show that the efforts being made are bearing fruit! 


Businesses and the Pact in 2020


The survey highlights that the National Energy Transition Pact is a driver for a majority of the organisations polled. The length of involvement with the Pact has a beneficial effect: actions are implemented more frequently and systematically the longer businesses have been part of the initiative and the more experience they have gained. In addition, a large majority of signatories said that they had made significant progress towards the energy transition since signing up to the Pact, with 97% highly motivated to continue their commitments in favour of the energy transition in Monaco.


In addition, 94% of signatories apply the Pact actions, with a focus first on waste, then energy and finally transport. 


What initiatives have been introduced? Examples include: 


  • 90% of Pact signatories have introduced solutions around commuting
  • 100% of Pact signatories have provided training on recycling
  • 7 in 10 Pact signatories have installed LEDs


Individuals and the Pact in 2020


For individuals, signing up to the National Energy Transition Pact has helped them to adopt new actions or encouraged them to be more systematic in their eco-friendly habits. According to the survey, 96% of Pact signatories are highly motivated to take action in favour of the energy transition, and 46% of those are willing to make new commitments. Moreover, signatories are happily sharing information about the National Pact, with 3 in 4 having talked to their friends and families about it.


What initiatives have been introduced? Examples include: 


  • 82% of Pact signatories leave their car in the garage every other day and use a different means of transport*
  • 98% of Pact signatories sort their waste for recycling*
  • 99% of Pact signatories switch off their heating and air conditioning when they are away for long periods

* up 10 points since signature of the Pact

* sorting of paper, bottles, packaging, glass and toxic waste


Discover our video of our 2020 review of the Pact


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Over to you! 

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