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MaConsigne: launch of returnable containers in Monaco

On Monday 13 June, the Mission for Energy Transition held a press conference about the launch of the MaConsigne returnable container scheme for takeaway sales. From the genesis of the project to how it works, partners, the circular economy – all aspects of this new way of buying takeaway food were presented to the press, followed by a practical demonstration at a collection point.

It is worth remembering that in 2020, the incineration of plastic was the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the Principality, accounting for 23% of the total, and that in 2021, more than 2 million disposable containers were used.

Managing waste has become a crucial issue, and returnable containers, a tangible example of reuse and the circular economy, are already back in fashion in many countries.

In Monaco, the idea of introducing returnable containers dates back to discussions with traders in 2019. An in-depth feasibility study was then conducted by the Mission for Energy Transition, working closely with a number of government departments.

With MaConsigne, the Prince’s Government is continuing its commitment to a zero single-use plastic by 2030 policy, through the gradual elimination of single-use packaging. The stated goal is to make progress on the path towards zero waste.

35 partner sales outlets are offering, instead of non-reusable containers, a selection of returnable glass containers in 5 different sizes. After use, they can be left unwashed within 14 days at 23 collection points throughout the city (see technical information attached).

This circular waste management system has been designed to have a short loop, with stakeholders fully integrated within the Monegasque ecosystem: collection, washing and redistribution are being handled by local partners.

The MaConsigne app allows users to locate the businesses involved and the collection points, so that they can help the Government to cut down on single-use plastic.

More information is available on the Mission for Energy Transition’s social media pages.

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