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National Inventory Report of the Principality of Monaco’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2022

To estimate greenhouse gas emissions, the Department of the Environment uses data provided by Monegasque stakeholders. It should be noted that distributors of oil and gas products, companies which handle fluorinated gases or are responsible for waste disposal, painters, printers, dry cleaners and healthcare facilities are obliged to report certain information relating to their activities to the Department of the Environment before 31 March each year.


The Department of the Environment has recently published the National Inventory Report of the Principality of Monaco’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2022.
This annual report records data relating to the emission in the Principality of various substances involved in increasing the greenhouse effect, as set out in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for the period 1990 to 2020. It includes the results, relevant commentary and emissions sources for the year two years previously.

In 2020, the Principality of Monaco’s greenhouse gas emissions fell to an historically low level, decreasing by 31.8% compared with 1990. In 2019, emissions declined by just 18.8%.

The sectors which are the primary source of emissions – energy used in buildings, transport and waste incineration – saw declines of 21%, 17% and 19%, respectively, in their emissions between 2019 and 2020. Only the construction sector experienced an increase, due to the major projects underway and the fact that they continued during 2020.

This National Inventory Report is a milestone. It brings to an end the second period of the Kyoto Protocol (2013–2020), during which the Principality of Monaco committed to reducing its emissions by 30% in 2020. The Principality has therefore achieved its objectives.

The next commitments which Monaco must meet are to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

The Government is fully mobilised to support all stakeholders and the population to make the changes required, and is continuing to set an example for the energy transition.

The documents are available on the Government website:

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