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Energy audit subsidy for buildings

Principles and conditions

How to proceed ?

The Government offers a subsidy to owners in order to anticipate the legal obligation to proceed to an energy audit of their building.

To sum up, the sooner the owner gets an energy audit the better : he will then receive a subsidy. On the contrary, he won’t get any subsidy if he waits until the legal deadline.

The reimbursed percentage depends on the year the audit was completed and on the date of the completion of the building, according to the following chart :

Reimbursement chart according to the year of completion of the building and on the year during which the audit was completed

The buildings completed before 1930 are the last ones concerned by the legal obligation since they represent less than 20% of the total surface area and because they are generally energy sufficient.

The date indicated on the audit invoice will be crucial to set the reimbursement rate.

An upper limit amount is set according to the reimbursed percentage :

Reimbursement limit chart :

The limit has been set according to the prices observed in the Principality in order to complete a high quality audit.

A bill of specifications depicting the content of the audit and the methods to follow has been published on the “Journal de Monaco”. To access it, please click on the following link

In order to benefit from the State subsidy, the audits must occur according to the bill of specifications and be carried out by a company that has one of the following qualifications :

  • OPQIBI 1905 
  • AFNOR 01 A – energy audit in the construction industry
  • LNE – qualifies the energy audit service providers (construction industry)
  • ICERT – qualification 01-01 Energy audits of tertiary buildings and/or collective habitations
  • Another qualification suitable for Monaco

 Here’s a non-exhaustive list of qualified companies :


Providing that the application is accepted by the Mission for Energy Transition, the subsidy can be granted to the following claimants :

  • owners
  • authorized representatives of the undivided condition in case of multiple joint owners
  • To a collective ownership, whether it is comprised of private or public owners, with the help of the property management company or its representative in case of legal absence of any property management company.

How to proceed ?

The application must include :

  • The subsidy form (that you can either download hereinbelow or collect at the office located 18 allée …)
  • the certificate of ownership or a copy of the mandate in case of delegation
  • the dated audit invoice (with the mention « payment certified ») signed by the claimant
  • the mandatory summary sheet of the audit delivered by the design office that completed it that you can download hereinbelow
  • The claimant’s bank account details


This application can be sent by email to transition-energetique@gouv.mc or by post to the Mission …

The Administration reserves the right to ask for the complete audit report.

The claimant will be informed in case of non-conformity. He will then be able to ask for a rectification to the service provider and resend his dossier.

The subvention measures will come to an end at the latest :

a)               on January the 1rst 2022 for the buildings completed between 1930 and 1990

b)               on January the 1rst 2025 for the buildings completed between 1991 and 2013

c)               On January the 1rst 2028 for all the buildings completed before 1930

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