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Support to help businesses in their energy transition


As part of the economic recovery plan, the Prince’s Government is keen to help Monegasque businesses reduce their carbon footprint in a bid to:

  • Reduce the Principality’s direct and indirect environmental footprint
  • Contribute to achieving the national goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, a commitment made by the Principality as part of the Paris Agreement
  • Make businesses more competitive on the market, allowing them to stand out by offering a range of eco-friendly products or services and taking action to cut their greenhouse gas emissions

Consequently, part of the Green Fund has now been earmarked to help Monegasque businesses fund energy transition projects, providing grants of up to 70% of the total cost of eligible applications. 

If you would like to learn more about the Green Fund, please click here  


To be eligible, applications for assistance from the Green Fund and applicant companies must meet the following criteria

Criteria for applicant companies: 

  • Be duly registered in the Principality’s Trade and Industry Registry or be able to show a current ministerial authorisation;
  • Be able to prove that the company operates a genuine business in the Principality;
  • Have signed the National Energy Transition Pact (if this has not already been done, go to the Pact Carbon Coach platform at https://pacte-coachcarbone.mc/);
  • Have completed a carbon assessment on the Carbon Coach platform : this can be done when you sign the Pact or from your personal Pact signatory account.

 Energy transition projects:

To be eligible for assistance from the Green Fund, projects should meet the following criteria:

  • The project must contribute to the energy transition, for example by:
    • Saving energy (excluding construction work)
    • Improving waste management
    • Designing eco-friendly products, services or packaging
    • Developing renewable energy
    • Establishing mobility policies
    • Reducing single-use plastic
    • Optimising flow management and making use of the circular economy
    • Optimising procurement, supply and logistics flows
    • Conducting a lifecycle analysis
    • Completing a carbon assessment
    • Carrying out an environmental assessment
    • Other
    • The project must be led by a Monegasque supplier, working alone or as a group with partner suppliers based outside Monaco.
    • The project may include the purchase of equipment, training, environmental certification for products or the company, studies, etc.
    • The cost of the project must be in line with market prices.
    • The project must offer environmental value added (reducing greenhouse gas emissions or energy consumption) and, as far as possible, economic value added (impact on revenue, return on investment, dedicated teams, etc.).
    • The project duration must not exceed nine months.

This assistance can be combined with other Government support measures such as those described here


To sign the National Energy Transition Pact and complete your carbon assessment (which form part of the eligibility criteria for the receipt of assistance from the Green Fund), you will need to follow the steps set out here (link to the Pact Carbon Coach platform ). Go to the “How to sign up” page and click to indicate that you are an entity.

To find out what information you will need to complete the carbon assessment, you can consult this guide:


If you require any information about the procedure for signing the Pact and completing a carbon assessment, write to the Pact team at the Mission for Energy Transition (pnte@gouv.mc )


 The following supporting documents should be supplied:

  • A copy of the quote for your energy transition project, dated within the last month, signed by a representative of the applicant company and issued by a Monegasque supplier;
  • The result of the applicant company’s carbon assessment, which can be completed and downloaded by logging into your Carbon Coach account from this website (link to the Pact Carbon Coach platform - https://pacte-coachcarbone.mc/);
  • A detailed case in support of your energy transition project setting out the context (including the carbon and environmental challenges that the company faces), the link to the company’s strategy, a description of the proposed initiative (methodology and stages, expected gains in terms of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or energy consumption, schedule, teams involved within the company) and a description of the key indicators and benefits anticipated by the company;
  • Complete and current details of an active bank account belonging to the applicant company


Once you have your documents ready, you can apply for assistance from the Green Fund using the online service.

 Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Mission for Energy Transition reserves the right to contact you should any clarification or additional information be required.

 You will receive an email informing you of the response to your application, and a supporting document will be made available in your Prince’s Government Online Services space. You can also track the status of your application from this space.

 If your application is approved, the assistance granted will amount to between 30% and 70% of the project cost. The arrangements for paying out the assistance will be as follows:

  • 50% to be paid at project launch, on presentation of the purchase order issued by the supplier and signed by the applicant company,
  • 50% following project completion, on presentation of the relevant invoice and project deliverables or a document stating that it has been successfully completed.

 The Government reserves the right to reject any project that does not meet the stated criteria. In this case, you will be informed of the decision by email and a supporting document setting out the reason for the rejection will be made available in your Prince’s Government Online Services space.



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