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Call for exemplary renovation projects grant

 I.            Principle and conditions

Assistance may be granted to help property owners and co-owned apartment buildings carry out energy transition projects.

The aim is to accelerate the comprehensive renovation of buildings as part of a BD2M approach , focused on:

-    Improving quality of life

Guaranteeing optimal comfort for users in summer and winter

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions including by making use of eco-friendly materials or greening

Reducing energy bills by making use of renewable energy

The following may apply for this assistance:

-    The property owner in their own name

-    The authorised representative of jointly owned properties where there are a number of joint owners

-    The legal entity which owns the building

-    Entire co-ownership groups, which may comprise private or public owners, via the managing agent or representative, where there is no legally established managing agent

The assistance is spread out over a minimum of three years and can be combined with the other grants available for built heritage.


Three sequential grants are available in line with project phases:

  1. A grant for the development of a BD2M environmental renovation programme,
  2. A grant for environmental studies of the work and, finally,
  3. A grant for a package of work.

The assistance is granted, in principle, on the basis of an application.


In total, the budget for the call for exemplary renovation projects has been established to cover the following:

-          Full support for 50 initial programmes up to a cap of €5,000, including taxes;

-          75% support for 40 selected applications for environmental studies, with a cap of €54,000 including taxes and

-          9 winners who will receive a grant for work which may be up to 50% of the cost of the work, including:

  • 8 winners in the category covering buildings with surface areas of between 1,000 and 10,000 m²
  • 1 winner in the category covering large buildings (over 10,000 m²)


Eligible buildings must:

-    Be located within Monaco

-    Have been completed before 1990 (delivery date before 01/01/1990) and have a corrected floor area of over 1,000 m²

-    Be a residential, tertiary or mixed-use building

-    Have had an energy audit carried out

-    Be subject to renovation not demolition/rebuilding

-    Adopt a Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings of Monaco (BD2M) approach and

-    Achieve a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Buildings which are being renovated and having an upward extension added are eligible to apply for this call for projects, but they will be subjected to a special scoring grid. Greenhouse gas reductions will need to compare the renovated building and the upward extension to the existing building.


Details of how to obtain this assistance, which is being coordinated by the Mission for Energy Transition, are available in the specifications which canbe downloaded here:


For the programme and study grants, the schedule of windows for the submission and review of applications can be viewed below:



Window.  no Deadline   for   submission
1 18/06/2021
2 17/09/2021
3 17/12/2021
4 18/03/2022
5 17/06/2022
6 16/09/2022
7 16/12/2022
8 17/03/2023



For work grants, the schedule for submitting design studies and BD2M design committee meeting dates can be viewed below:

Window no. Deadline for study submission Committee meeting
1 30/12/2021  
2 30/03/2022 June 2022
3 30/06/2022  
4 30/09/2022  
5 30/12/2022 March 2023
6 30/03/2023  
7 30/06/2023  
8 30/09/2023 December 2023


II.            Obtaining and completing the form 

Grant application forms can be downloaded below:

PROGRAMME grant application form: 

Formulaire de demande de subvention PROGRAMME

STUDY grant application form: 

Formulaire de demande de subvention ETUDES

WORK grant application form: 

Formulaire de demande de subvention TRAVAUX

III.            Collating the documents

 1.       For the Programme and Environmental Study grants

The application must include the following documents:

-          the grant application form: 

-          supporting document for the applicant

  • A certificate of ownership or copy of a mandate (where acting as a representative)
  • In the case of co-owned apartment buildings, a copy of the decision of the General Meeting agreeing the work and appointing the authorised representative for the co-owners.

-          the invoice, certified as having been paid, for the environmental programme

-          the applicant’s bank details

-          the commitment to appoint a coach if the project is awarded a study grant

-          the quote for the coach’s work and the environmental studies required to obtain the level of ambition sought. This should be broken down by phase – study/completion/use – together with payment schedules

-          the environmental programme

-          a spreadsheet setting out the key administrative data for the project. The template can be downloaded here: Tableur récapitulatif des données du projet "nom du projet"

-          project presentation sheet. The template can be downloaded here: Fiche de présentation du "nom du projet"

2.       For the BD2M Work grant

The application must include the following documents:

-          The updated spreadsheet setting out the key administrative data for the project

-          The grant application form

-          The commitment to appoint a coach for the implementation and use phase if the project is awarded the work grant

-          The UPDATED summary presentation sheet including the following information

-          The draft design document to be presented to the BD2M design committee

-          The report of the information/awareness meeting held with residents to present the project’s goals

-          The completed BD2M design committee PowerPoint template

-          An A3 visual presentation of the project showing the environmental challenges and suitable for sharing with the general public


IV.            Submitting the grant application

The grant application must be submitted to the Mission for Energy Transition: transition-energetique@gouv.mc

Payment of the assistance is subject to approval of this applicatio

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