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Financial assistance for the purchase of small appliances and fixtures

The National Green Fund offers financial assistance to purchase small appliances and fixtures intended to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in private homes and business premises.

Recipients must be resident in the Principality and may be represented by a non-trading property holding company or agent, which incurs the costs. The assistance covers 30% of the total cost of eligible invoices (labour associated with the installation of such appliances may also be included) and is capped at €3,000.

Invoices should be sent to the Mission for Energy Transition in a single batch per recipient, and should all come from businesses based within the Principality. They must be accompanied by the form below and should be received before 31 December 2023.

Invoices must be dated between November 2022 and December 2023.

 Application form for financial assistance to purchase small appliances and fixtures : 


The following types of expenditure are covered by the subsidy:

- Replacement of an individual gas boiler with a heat pump (where there is no communal heating) */**

- Replacement of an older generation or gas cooker with an A-rated electric cooker or induction cookers

- Replacement of an older generation fridge with a new A or B-rated model 

- Replacement of older generation electric heaters with heaters holding a minimum 3-star rating, up to a maximum of six appliances*

- Replacement of an older generation boiler with a new A or B -rated model and timer minimum

- Purchase of up to 30 LED units

- Purchase of extension leads with a switch and or standby saver

- Purchase of a water-saving or automatic sensor tap

- Installation of thermostatic radiator valves up to a maximum of six units

- Insulation of roller shutters**

- Installation of a brise-soleil or solar window film**

- Installation of ceiling fans, up to a maximum of six units

- Other appliances or fixtures that help to reduce the building’s greenhouse gas emissions*

This last category is open to encourage spending that will help with the building’s energy transition, such as installing variators on technical equipment (heat pumps, compressors, etc.), timers for electricity meters, smart thermostats and presence detectors.

Air-conditioning systems and gas boilers are not eligible for this subsidy.

* For the replacement of a heating system, the invoice must show the removal of the system which has been replaced.

** With regard to fixtures that may have an impact on facades (insulation of roller shutters and installation of a brise-soleil or solar window film, or heat pumps), you must contact the Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility to obtain approval for the planned work (email prospective@gouv.mc ), as well as your building manager. Their agreement is required to receive the subsidy.

If you require any further information, please contact: transition-energetique@gouv.mc

Download flowchart presenting main areas covered by subsidy: 


To find out more about each of the fixtures, take a look at our information sheets on eco-friendly behaviours:

Eco-friendly cookers : Fiche Eco Geste Cuisinière

Eco-friendly boilers : Fiche Eco Geste Cumulus

Eco-friendly LED: Fiche Eco Geste Achat Led

Eco-friendly thermostatic radiator valves : Fiche Eco Geste Robinets Thermostatiques

Eco-friendly roller shutters : Fiche Eco Geste Coffres Volets Roulants

Eco-friendly brise-soleil : Fiche Eco Geste Brises Soleil

Eco-friendly ceiling fans : Fiche Eco Geste ventilateurs

Eco-friendly heaters : Fiche Eco Geste Convecteur

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