Subsidy to renovate windows

A new ministerial decree, dated 7 August 2020, introduced a subsidy to renovate windows in the Principality. The measures is being financed by the National Green Fund.

The Prince’s Government is supporting a vast programme to renovate windows in the private and public sectors and has published a ministerial decree introducing a subsidy to this end. This policy is in line with the strategic targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing demand for energy.

The subsidy is granted to those who would like to improve the thermal comfort of their premises, whether these are for exclusively residential or mixed use, by replacing single-glazed windows or French windows with double or triple glazing. Premises within buildings that were constructed in the last ten years are not eligible for this subsidy.

“This scheme is being financed through the National Green Fund and the total cost is estimated at a maximum of €11.6 million to achieve greenhouse gas emissions savings (direct and indirect) of around 600 tonnes per year over several decades,” emphasised Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

She added: “During this period, as our country is feeling the impact of the pandemic, it is important to support our local economy. That is why the scheme promotes the use of companies in the Principality: applicants who opt to use a domestic provider will receive an additional bonus of 5% and the per-window cap applied to the subsidy will be higher.”

The subsidy was introduced on 1 September 2020 for a limited period of five years. The aim behind this limit was to ensure rapid action by potential recipients with a view to reducing the Principality’s energy consumption and direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that it could cover 24,500 windows.

Applications for subsidies should be submitted to the Department of the Environment :

For full details, see :

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